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The Green Frugal ~ Family and Parenting

May 24, 2011Posted by Admin


As life becomes busier and increasingly hectic, parenting and family life becomes more and more of a challenge. Come along with The Green Frugal as we explore strategies that promote healthy and enjoyable family lives while keeping the truly important things right where they should be.

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  • Automotive Tips

    5 2013 Cars that Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    January 23, 2013Posted by Lyndsi Decker


    A 2013 Toyota Prius; photo courtesy Lyndsi DeckerElectric and hybrid vehicles are garnering more consumer appeal.

    Drive Green: Save the Planet With 5 Eco-Friendly Cars

    December 26, 2013Posted by Meghan Belnap


    A green, sustainable upholstered car; photo courtesy Meghan BelnapElectric and hybrid vehicles save money on fuel.

    How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Driver

    December 4, 2012Posted by Jane Simpson


    The REVAi/G-Wiz i electric car charging at an on-street station in London.; photo courtesy frankhFuel conservation tips for the frugal driver.

    How to Change the License Plate Light on a Ford Escape

    September 3, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith


    Ford Escape licence plate lights; photo © KSmith Media, LLCTaking the mystery out of auto maintenance.

    Have a Green Family Vacation by Choosing an Electric Vehicle Rental

    August 23, 2012Posted by George Pirvu

    The REVAi/G-Wiz i electric car charging at an on-street station in London.; photo courtesy frankh

    The Chevy Volt isn’t your only choice anymore.

    How to Save Money When Buying a New or Used Car

    July 21, 2012Posted by Bernie MacDonald

    A used car lot; photo courtesy Wikipedia

    Shop around, negotiate, demand a lower interest rate.

    Tips to Ensure Your Car is Eco-Friendly

    July 5, 2012Posted by Charles

    2012 Toyota Prius; photo courtesy Toyota UK

    Look for fuel economy, dependability, performance, and a realistic base price.

    Tips to Ensure Your Car is Eco-Friendly

    January 20, 2013Posted by Carly Fierro

    Fuel economy vs speed in 1997; photo courtesy Napalm1232

    Minimize idle time and keep up your automotive maintenance.

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    Entrepreneurs, Freelancing, and Sustainable Business

    The 4 Biggest Trends in Inbound Marketing

    May 21, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith

    The May 2014 Green Frugal Newsletter; image © 2014 KSmith Media, LLC

    Target customers and build a returning client list.

    7 Business Productivity Tools You Need

    May 24, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


    Business efficiency, social media, and record-keeping can give you the edge.

    Innovative Ways to Grow a Greener Business

    July 21, 2012Posted by Kathryn Thompson

    A green conference table; photo courtesy Kathryn Thompson

    A sustainable company saves money and attracts like-minded customers.

    Make Extra Money Without Costing the Earth

    June 27, 2012Posted by Kathryn Thompson

    Shoppers on Dundas; photo courtesy Ian Muttoo

    Become a customer service agent or get cash-back incentives for items you already buy.

    Making Ends Meet | Is It Possible to Make Money Online?

    June 11, 2012Posted by Dana Flannery

    Making money on-line

    Work from home but do it realistically.

    Popular Eco-Friendly Businesses

    April 15, 2013Posted by James

    A Greenpark wind turbine in the UK; photo courtesy Arpingstone

    Sustainable business practices are yielding an impressive ROI.

    Save Money and Make Your Business Sustainable

    July 23, 2012Posted by Robert Reeve

    ETFE roofs at the Eden Project; photo courtesy Mistermoe

    An ETFE roof has many ecological and financial benefits for a business or home.

    Shipping — How You Can Lower Your Carbon Footprint

    July 19, 2012Posted by Kathryn Thompson

    A UPS package delivery van

    UPS and Fedex will ship multiple items, saving you money.

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    Finance and Investments

    5 Ideas to Stop Spending Money on Impulse Buying

    June 18, 2012Posted by Allan Jones

    A generic credit card; photo courtesy Channel R

    Opening your wallet or whipping out your credit card can spell disaster.

    5 Wise Financial Moves You Should Make if You Win the Lottery

    June 17, 2012Posted by Allan Jones

    US currency for a job well done

    Enjoy your lucky windfall but beware of vultures.

    10 Steps to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime

    November 26, 2012Posted by Angelina J.


    An assortment of Euro coins and notes; photo courtesy da Bruger TwidFinancial investment, insurance plans, and more.

    Can You Get a Better Home Price with Environmentally Friendly Financing?

    March 26, 2013Posted by Carly Fierro

    Real estate for sale; photo © KSmith Media, LLC

    The FHA, Bank of America, and Bluegreen Financial.

    Frugal Clothes Shopping

    January 11, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith

    A Goodwill clothes purchase receipt; photo © Kelly Smith

    Shop at Goodwill, ebay, or host a clothes swap.

    Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

    June 30, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith

    A southwestern style home

    Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac mortgages can be financed at lower loan rates.

    Home Buying Guidelines

    December 1, 2013Posted by Hannah Whittenly

    Real estate for sale; photo courtesy Hannah Whittenly

    Home insurance; four things you didn’t know.

    How to Start Saving for Your Future Expenses

    September 4, 2012Posted by Michelle Ryan

    An assortment of Euro coins and notes; photo courtesy da Bruger Twid

    Financial responsibility is a key to happiness after retirement.

    Introduction to Investment

    December 24, 2012Posted by


    Bull and bear markets; photo courtesy Eva KTypes of stock and bond brokerages, risk vs return, and more.

    Investing in Enviro-Friendly Funds

    January 6, 2014Posted by Michelle Rebecca


    Socially responsible shareholder activism; its time has come.

    Top 5 Tips to Plan Your Personal Finance

    September 6, 2012Posted by Alicia

    US currency for a job well done

    Take these proactive steps to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions.

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    Green Home Tips

    3 Ways You Can Lesson Your Environmental Impact

    February 11, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard


    A Chambers Fireless StoveRetained-heat cooking, recycling, and mind the power vampires.

    5 Environmentally-Friendly Kids’ Toys

    February 19, 2013Posted by Michelle Rebecca


    Educational toys; photo courtesy Michelle RebeccaChildren’s toys can be educational, fun, and safe.

    5 Products to Gear Up Your Home for Spring

    March 27, 2013Posted by Madyson Grant


    A traditional home; photo courtesy Madyson GrantTransition from winter to summer with these tips.

    5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

    October 5, 2012Posted by Seothomas


    Snow lingering on tree limbs in winter; photo courtesy Glasseyes ViewWinterization is an annual task to be completed in the fall.

    5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

    October 25, 2013Posted by Kandace Heller


    Hands over a green landscape, photo courtesy Kandace HellerEfficient HVAC systems, adequate insulation, frugal lighting, energy star, and home security.

    6 Tips for Living Green Without Losing the Green in Your Wallet

    July 20, 2013Posted by Brooke Chaplan


    Water beads on a leaf; photo courtesy Brooke ChaplanRather than a complete remodel, follow these economical tips to change the theme.

    Adopt a Botanical Bath Design for a Crisp and Refreshing Décor Upgrade

    September 30, 2012Posted by Jamith


    Bathroom at Banana Azul; photo courtesy sean94110Rather than a complete remodel, follow these economical tips to change the theme.

    Buying Green Cleaning Products

    May 21, 2013Posted by Sharon Freeman

    The EPA DfE logo; photo courtesy Environmental Protection Agency

    Look for the EPA DfE label for environmentally-friendly products.

    Don’t Get Caught in the Storm

    April 19, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard

    Summer storms ahead sign; photo courtesy Annette Hazard

    How to prepare for summer storms.

    The Benefits of Installing Outdoor Water Fountains in Your Garden

    January 21, 2013Posted by Sierra Paige

    An outdoor water fountain; photo courtesy Sierra Paige

    Invest in your home equity and create a personal paradise.

    Buying a House? Building and Pest Inspection Will Save You Money

    June 15, 2012Posted by Michelle Lee

    Formosan termites swarm; photo courtesy United States Department of Agriculture

    Get an inspection and energy audit before making a real estate offer.

    Eco-friendly Changes in the House Beautifies and Cuts Energy Bills

    October 6, 2012Posted by Jamith


    A well-maintained back yard; photo courtesy George GoodmanEmbrace passive solar design, choose Energy Star appliances, make a compost pile.

    Frugal Ways to Spice up Your Patio this Summer

    July 29, 2012Posted by John Garland

    A patio umbrella; photo courtesy John Garland

    Outdoor decorating dosn’t have to be expensive.

    Get Away From Paper vs. Plastic Bags: Invest In A Tote

    July 24, 2013Posted by Michelle Rebecca

    A grocery tote bag; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

    A cloth or hemp tote bag solves the debate.

    Getting Rid of the Pests in Your Home

    June 17, 2012Posted by Michelle Lee

    Common household roaches; photo courtesy Pengo

    How to control cockroaches, ants, wasps, and more.

    Green Home Improvements that Increase Energy Efficiency

    December 11, 2013Posted by Jayla Barnsen

    Energy efficient windows; photo © KSmith Media, LLC

    HVAC, insulation, energy-efficient windows, and more.

    Green Living: How to Conserve Energy this Summer

    August 15, 2013Posted by Brionna Kennedy

    Energy efficient windows; photo © KSmith Media, LLC

    Save money with a variety of changes.

    How to Green Your Garage

    December 2, 2012Posted by Vivint


    A red roller garage door, photo courtesy Amy_JacksonInsulate garage doors, lose the fridge, upgrade doors, and use radiant barrier paint.

    Improve the Value of Your Home with Roof Lanterns

    July 29, 2013Posted by Celina Jonesi


    A contemporary roof lantern; photo courtesy EnglishGlassmanSkylights add home equity, reduce utility bills, and take advantage of renewable resources.

    Ten Top Tips for a Greener Home

    July 8, 2012Posted by James Harper

    Decomposition rates of common materials

    Conserve water, upgrade appliances, recycle, use sustainable goods, and more.

    Why You Should Only Buy Solar Systems with Locally Based Warranties

    July 14, 2012Posted by Jamie Press

    Thin film solar panel construction; image courtesy US Gov

    Alternative energy sources are a good idea, but buy cautiously.

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    Parenting and Family Dynamics

    Father’s Day Activity Ideas

    June 13, 2013Posted by Author’s Google profile Posted June 13, 2013

    Feeding the child on Father's Day; image © USMC

    Following Mother’s Day, this national holiday pampers the man of the house.

    Fun Facts about Father’s Day

    June 7, 2012Posted by Author’s Google profile Posted June 7, 2012

    A Fathers Day celebration; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

    Following Mother’s Day, this national holiday pampers the man of the house.

    How a Child’s Birth Order Affects Personality

    May 22, 2012Posted by Posted February 27, 2012

    Siblings enjoying the beach; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

    Only-children and firstborns may have an edge because of parental expectations and involvement.

    Raising a Daughter from a Dad’s Point of View

    June 14, 2011Posted by Author’s Google profile

    Father and daughter enjoying good times; photo courtesy Charlotte Smith

    Dennis Prager has stated that raising a child is likely the hardest job you will ever do. I agree. Parental responsibility is paramount.

    Raising an ADHD Child

    February 9, 2012Posted by

    A child studying; photo courtesy Pamala Wilson

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a challenge, but responsible parents can cope.

    Selling Your Home in a Bad Market

    October 6, 2012Posted by Sharon Freeman


    A patio awning and patio furniture; photo courtesy LilsarahpChoose the best real estate agent, provide sales incentives, and market innovatively.

    Teach Your Kids These Four Home Safety Rules

    May 9, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard


    Teach children stove safety; image courtesy Annette HazardThe kitchen can be a dangerous place for children.

    The Expert’s Guide to a Green and Frugal Wedding

    June 16, 2013Posted by Michelle Rebecca

    Recycled seeded paper; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

    The marriage industry doesn’t have to dictate your nuptial budget.

    The Latest Environmentally Friendly Household Gadgets

    July 6, 2012Posted by Mark Barry

    Side by Side Hotpoint Refrigerator

    Look for the Energy Star® label when buying appliances.

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    Societal Issues

    How to Organize a Clothes Swap

    June 11, 2012Posted by The Splash

    Hold a clothes swap; photo courtesy andresra

    Save money on items you must have, but won’t get enough use out of to justify the expense.

    Keeping the Neighbors Out: Stop Your Neighbors Prying Eyes

    September 18, 2012Posted by Contentmagix

    Cedar picket privacy fence; image © Kelly Smith

    Build a fence, make a garden private corner, construct a raised deck or a water feature.

    The Case for Home Security and Family Protection

    November 18, 2011Posted by Author’s Google profile

    Glock 27 and Savage Shotgun for home defense; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

    Install an alarm system, own a dog, and take advantage of second amendment rights.

    The Importance of Family, Friends, and Money in Life

    December 4, 2012Posted by Maria Rodriquez


    Balanced scales; photo courtesy Maria RodriquezBalance your life in these tumultuous times.

    What’s Wrong with American Schools Today

    September 26, 2011Posted by Author’s Google profile

    Girls compete at a middle school track meet; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

    The educational system is in trouble with discarding American values, revisionist history, and a teacher’s union political and social agenda.

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    Vacations and Outdoor Activities

    Best Family Vacation Spot—Covent Gardens

    September 17, 2012Posted by Michelle Ryan

    Interior of Covent Garden, London; photo courtesy Diliff

    Explore the edge of London’s West End, between St. Martin’s Lane and Drury Lane.

    Eco Camping Tips

    April 02, 2012Posted by Kieron Casey

    Camping by Barriere Lake, British Columbia; photo courtesy Justin Kopp

    Sustainable vacations grow in popularity by adding solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and more.

    Green French Vacations Far from Primitive

    August 23, 2012Posted by Lauren Brown

    The Chateau de Vincennes Donjon; photo courtesy Edal Anton Lefterov

    A European holiday can be more than a string of guided tours and gift shops.

    The Art of Fly Fishing as a Family Activity

    February 20, 2012Posted by

    Fly fishing for rainbow trout in a stream; photo courtesy Ziga

    Angling with a spinning or baitcasting reel might be considered a sport, but fly fishing is a true art form.

    The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail

    January 15, 2012Posted by Author’s Google profile

    A Roseate Spoonbill in Texas wetlands; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

    Texas hosts more migratory birds than almost any other state and was also the first to create birding and wildlife viewing trails.

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    6 Tips for Being Kind to Nature When You Move

    November 16, 2013Posted by Kandace Heller

    Loading a moving van; photo courtesy Kandace Heller

    How to save money while being environmentally-friendly.

    A Pet Owner’s Guide to Going Green

    June 12, 2012Posted by Kim Chambers

    Two dogs on a couch; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

    Being eco-friendly goes beyond your appliances and what kind of car you drive.

    Demand for Vegan Cruelty-Free Clothing Rises

    July 13, 2012Posted by Emily Murray

    A hemp fabric dress; photo courtesy Daderot

    Hemp fabric and other non-animal material sources widen the clothing market.

    Going Green: Is It Going Back Undergound?

    September 12, 2012Posted by Meg Jones

    A green roof; photo courtesy SiGarb

    Earth homes offer natural insulation, gardening opportunities, and a natural look.

    Green Ideas for Your Wedding Dress

    August 26, 2013Posted by Bridget Sandorford

    Elegant white wedding dress; image courtesy Nathan O'Nions

    An expensive investment can have a creative new life

    How to Adapt Your Lifestyle to be More Sustainable

    September 1, 2012Posted by Robert on behalf of Cachette

    A backyard organic garden; photo courtesy USDA

    Small eco-friendly changes add up to big results.

    LED Christmas Lights: The New Christmas Green

    October 24, 2013Posted by Jason Woodward

    An LED Christmas light display; photo courtesy Chris Delker

    An energy-efficient alternative to inefficient incandescent bulbs.

    Living an Eco-Friendly life of Luxury

    July 8, 2012Posted by James Harper

    Gas metal arc welding; photo courtesy US Air Force

    Alternative living spaces, organic gardening, and energy conservation.

    Save Money Without Compromising This Valentine’s Day

    February 27, 2014Posted by Ella Moss

    A happy couple; photo courtesy Alex Davis

    The fine art of frugal romancing.

    Tips for Moms Going Back to School: How to Manage Your Time Better

    June 18, 2012Posted by Jennifer Lewis

    Happy graduation!; image courtesy Sean MacEntee

    Minimize stress, schedule activities, and take advantage of your resources.

    Three Products You Shouldn’t Blindly Trash

    December 6, 2012Posted by Lyndsi Decker


    A dumpster; photo courtesy NiteowlneilsRecycling is not the green popular topic it once was, but it’s still important.

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