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The Green Frugal ~ Food and Cooking

May 24, 2011Posted by Admin


Organic food is becoming more available and affordable all the time. Not only is it healthier than chemical-laden produce, the farming methods preserve the farmland rather than depleting it. Mix that together with good cooking and you’ve got a win-win situation.

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  • Beverages

    Delicious and Environmentally-Friendly Infused Whiskeys

    August 13, 2013Posted by Jeff Orloff


    Scotch on the rocks; photo courtesy Benjamin Thompson Why settle for normal? Spice it up!

    Health Benefits of Green Tea

    July 29, 2012Posted by Ryan Chaffin


    Tea cultivation in China; photo courtesy Indexyu It can lower blood pressure, increase metabolism, and provide antioxidants.

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    Chicken in Cream Sauce Recipe

    November 24, 2012Posted by Scott Roberts


    Chicken in cream sauce; photo © 2012 Kelly Smith A rich creamy sauce on a bed of linguine.

    Herb-Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breast Recipe

    December 11, 2012Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    Herb-stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken ready for the oven; photo courtesy Shannon Smith The spices and bacon give this dish its distinctive flavor.

    Spicy Baked Habanero Chicken Recipe

    June 06, 2011Posted by


    Spicy chicken dinner ready for the oven; photo courtesy Kelly Smith If you like hot, spicy dishes, the habanero pepper will give you the most bang for your buck; it’s very closely related to the Scotch bonnet.

    Steak and Avocado Garlic Sauce Recipe

    September 15, 2012Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    Steak and avocado garlic sauce; photo © Kelly Smith Healthy and spicy, this sauce will give even budget meat some zing.

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    Pasta, Grains, & Casseroles

    Easy Swiss Chard Quiche

    February 28, 2012Posted by


    Crustless Swiss chard quiche; photo courtesy Kelly Smith The addition of parsley assures a nutritious meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    Health Benefits of Quinoa

    December 28, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    A plate of cooked red quinoa; photo courtesy blairingmedia Vegans, runners, weight trainers, and others love this supergrain.

    Homemade Quinoa Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

    June 13, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    Quinoa plants in the Andes mountains; photo courtesy Maurice Chedel Homemade bread is easy make. Quinoa is a complete protein high in lysine.

    Johnny Mazetti Recipe

    September 24, 2011Posted by


    Johnny Mazetti caserole is a Panama Canal Zone favorite; photo courtesy Kelly Smith A traditional Panama Canal Zone casserole dish, this comfort food is a real crowd-pleaser.

    Mozzarella Mac and Cheese Recipe

    November 29, 2011Posted by


    A juicy red apple; photo courtesy Abhijit Tembhekar This old-fashioned comfort food will cheer you up, give you nutrition, and fill you up.

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    Soups & Sauces

    Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

    January 18, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    A cup of broccoli cheese soup; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Healthy food supplying calcium, trace minerals, and a lower cancer risk.

    Chunky Low-Sodium Salsa Recipe

    December 09, 2011Posted by


    Salsa vegetable ingredients; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Use healthy organic ingredients and enjoy with tortilla chips, in an omelet, or in a breakfast burrito.

    Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe

    April 21, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    Cold cucumber soup and chips; photo © KSmith Media, LLC It also makes a dip, sandwich spread, and tortilla roll-up filler.

    Organic Apple Sauce Recipe

    November 20, 2011Posted by


    A juicy red apple; photo courtesy Abhijit Tembhekar It is not only delicious, it provides dietary fiber and regulates blood sugar.

    Spicy Vegetable Salsa Recipe

    April 07, 2016Posted by


    Spicy Vegetable Salsa; photo courtesy KSmith Media, LLC Perfect for topping a meat dish or dipping with chips.

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    Panko Crusted Eggplant Recipe

    October 29, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith


    Panko crusted eggplant; photo © KSmith Media, LLC This frugal fruit helps control hypertension, is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and is fat-free.

    Roasted Beets with Feta and Bell Pepper

    September 10, 2012Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


    Roasted beets and feta ready to eat; photo © Kelly Smith A vegetarian-friendly recipe suitable for a side or a main course.

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    Budget-Friendly Knives for All Kitchens

    July 13, 2012Posted by Amiee Marshall


    A J.A. Henckels knife set; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Brands like J. A. Henckels will save money in the long run due to high-quality steel.

    Eating the Right Food Will Change Your Life

    November 5, 2012Posted by Aaron Hughes


    Recommended balanced diet; photo courtesy Cut the junk food from your diet and eat organic for improved health.

    Energy Saving Tips for the Kitchen

    July 29, 2012Posted by Chris Dixon


    A kitchen countertop; photo courtesy Chris Dixon Encourage green, sustainable living while saving money.

    Fair Trade Standards Aim for Minimum Wages and Collective Bargaining

    December 20, 2011Posted by


    Sorting coffee beans at a Fair Trade farm; photo courtesy Quadell It is not clear that the farmers make any more money and there is no guarantee of organic produce.

    Should You Steer Clear of Genetically Modified Food?

    June 03, 2011Posted by


    Delicious Organic Homegrown Tomatoes; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Also called GM food, GMOs, or “franken-food”, it’s probably something to avoid for the sake of your health.

    Think Going Organic Will Break the Bank?

    November 18, 2012Posted by Michelle Rebecca


    Organic vegetables for good health; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca Reduced food costs from purchasing healthier food and eating out less often.

    Understand Grocery Store Psychology to Save Money

    June 27, 2011Posted by


    League City, TX Kroger Signature store; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Learn to go beyond being a couponing guru; supermarket product placement maximizes store profit.

    Why Eat Organic?

    August 7, 2012Posted by Walter McDonald


    USDA Organic content classification levels; image courtesy US government Nutritional values and standards regulated by the USDA.

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