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Adopt a Botanical Bath Design for a Crisp and Refreshing Décor Upgrade

Rather than a Complete Remodel, Follow these Economical Tips to Change the Theme

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Bathroom at Banana Azul; photo courtesy sean94110


Completely redecorating the bathroom or giving its existing décor a twist cab be a difficult and costly affair. Of course, the bathroom is an important room and also a significant factor considered in your home’s overall market rate.

It is obviously crucial to have a bathroom that excites envy and is a soothing spot at the end of the day. However, there are ways to have a décor upgrade that will turn your friends green with envy without making your pockets considerately lighter in the bargain.

One such method is achieved by incorporating a botanical bath design that is cheaper to do up and also leaves the bathroom looking crisp, dynamic and refreshing.

Bathroom Upgrade Items to Consider

  • The bathroom should have a spa with a relaxed and yet luxurious feel.

  • Natural elements like bamboo blinds or sea grass mats are ideal as the theme is inspired by a garden-centric look; leaf motif wallpapers look striking too.

  • Pastel shades of green and lavender on the walls are perfect, and shower curtains with butterfly motifs hung using bamboo rings will help set the tropical mood.

  • You can use green for accent towels and even place a cute green leaf shaped mat outside your shower zone.

  • Naturally-made sustainable materials should be used instead of plastic; so try swapping your old toothbrush set for a bamboo cup, holder, and even soap dish.

  • Potted plants like lavender or a creeper can be trailed over the window, and try some fresh flowers in vases or floating in bowls so that you have a spa feel as well as garden-inspired look.

Give Your Walls New Life

Contemporary wallpaper with nature-inclined motifs can make your bathroom look expensively done and also lend it a tinge of luxury.

It can be alternated with light shades of green and white for a more natural look. The backsplash behind the basin can have a textured wood look or be in a soft shade of green.

A wooden or bamboo towel ring can be placed on the side to hold a hand towel in either white or green and a wooden wastepaper basket to perpetuate the new tropical concept.

Adding a New Look to Baths and Showers

If the wall behind the bath is plain, then a bit of scenic artwork or frames with dried or cutout flowers can be placed in a symmetric cube for a more interesting effect.

Bath curtains can be made of natural fabrics that complement the room and a small pot of potpourri can keep the bathroom smelling fresh. If there is a separate showering area, the walls behind it can be a complementing sequence of green and white tiles or there can be a simple border of this sequence, with a nature inspired motif in the center.

Individual tiles in many themes in all the standard sizes can be found at your local home improvement store or specialty tile outlet, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Attractive windows

Place a green glass bottle with a money plant creeper inside and trail it over the window. You can also line some interesting stones or pebbles on the sill and even form a decorative pattern made of colorful river smoothed stones on your countertop.

Keep the curtains simple in plain white with tiny pink flowers and tie them back using a bright glossy green or pink ribbon.

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