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Arts and Crafts at the Green Frugal

May 24, 2011Posted by Admin


Arts and craft projects are more popular than ever. And when you look at it with an eye towards saving money by re-purposing and recycling your old things, you win both ways. Check out our favorite projects and try a few.

Our Articles (In Alphabetical Order)

Clear Falls High School 2013 Winter Concert

December 19, 2013Posted by

Repainting garden gnomes makes a great summer project; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

Mr. Washburn directing the Clear Falls High School Orchestra (League City, Texas).

Decorate a Hammer for Father’s Day

June 14, 2012Posted by Neltje Maynez

Decorate a hammer for Father’s Day; photo courtesy Neltje Maynez

Gift projects for dad that your kid will love creating.

Eco Toys - Why Choose a Better Toy for Your Child?

July 30, 2012Posted by Allira Newlands

A wooden cement truck toy; photo courtesy Allira Newlands

Green products for children focus on sustainability and safety.

Fun Eco-friendly Projects Your Kids will Love

November 17, 2012Michelle Rebecca

A Satsuma Orange tree; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

Create a terrarium, make jewelry, or plant a garden.

Landyachtz Longboards: The Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Skateboard

July 4, 2012Posted by Mike Thompson

Skateboarder in the air; photo courtesy Bengt Nyman

Green business practices from manufacturing to product delivery.

Put the Kids to Work This Summer Refinishing the Yard Art

June 06, 2011Posted by

Repainting garden gnomes makes a great summer project; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

Summer is here and that means finding ways to keep kids busy. Let them repaint the garden gnomes and boost your home curb appeal.

The Reasons Behind Instagram’s Surge in Popularity

August 29, 2012Steven Stretton

Instagram example, before and after; photo courtesy sailko

An image filtering app that is gaining in popularity.

Recycle Empty Coffee Cans for Father's Day Gift Projects

June 15, 2011Posted by

Use empty coffee cans to create Father's Day gofts for dad.

Handmade, personalized Father's Day gifts are a great way to create special memories between dads and their children. Instead of spending increasingly ridiculous amounts of money on T-shirts, coffee mugs, neck ties and office pens that dad will never use anyway, recycle those empty coffee cans or soup cans and make memorable gifts that dad will treasure for years to come.

What to Avoid with Pinterest

November 8, 2012Tommy Stretton

3D dollars; image courtesy Svilen101

Social media strategies to boost sales and expand business.

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