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Save on Gas Expenses with Some of the Best Cars on the Road in 2012

Look for Fuel Economy, Dependability, Performance, and a Realistic Base Price

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2012 Toyota Prius; photo courtesy Toyota UK


Planning to buy a new car? It is indeed a great idea to purchase a car of your choice. However, purchasing a car should be well planned and many things need to be taken into consideration before you come to a final decision regarding the same.

One of the most important considerations in this regard is the fuel consumption of the car. The problem of energy crisis is rising in the world and therefore everybody must be conscious so that maximum energy can be saved and conserved.

It is obvious that when you drive on the highway, the fuel consumption is more when compared to fuel consumption while driving within the city. Here are some of the cars, which can help in saving gas to a great extent on the road in 2012:

  • Honda Insight — This car has amazing features and is highly fuel efficient as well. For years, Honda cars have proved to be economical and cars with the minimal maintenance and repair.

    Just the right kind of fuel has to be used in the car for it to run in the proper condition. This is one of the reasons that majority of the Honda cars have high resale value in the market. On an average, the Honda Insight has a mileage of 42 miles per gallon.

    The prices of the models also start at amazing $18,000. On the whole the price of the car is economically competitive as well as easy on gas consumption.

  • Toyota Prius — This is one of the best cars from Toyota and has attracted the attention of people all across the globe. The car is a compact one and is extremely fuel efficient.

    The car provides outstanding gas mileage. While within the city it provides a mileage of 48 miles; on the highway it provides a mileage of 51 miles. These figures are interesting indeed and have fascinated customers. Five people can sit comfortably in the car. Customers are also very happy with the price of the car which is around $24,000.

  • Ford Fiesta SFE — For people who are interested in buying sedans under a value of $15,000, there is no better car than the Ford Fiesta SFE. This car is not as fuel efficient as Toyota Prius or Honda Insight, but still it is better than many cars on the basis of fuel efficiency.

    The car boasts a mileage of 29 miles in the city and 40 miles on the highway. With a 120 horsepower engine, the car runs smoothly on the road while providing a comfortable ride. You’ll enjoy good driving experience with the fuel efficiency of this car.

  • Lexus CT — The Lexus CT is among the high end models that have been manufactured by the Toyota family of vehicles. This luxury car provides some of the best features, which many cars in this category manufactured by other companies cannot provide.

    The car starts at a base price of $29,000. Most importantly, it provides an amazing mileage of 42 miles per gallon of gas. On the whole, the Lexus CT is a car that offers practicality, usability, and good looks all packed into one.

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