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5 Environmentally-Friendly Kids’ Toys

Children’s Toys Can be Educational, Fun, and Safe

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Turning on the television or looking through sales ads, you will see hundreds of new kids’ toys being released every year. However, many of them aren’t very environmentally friendly, made of plastic that can’t be recycled along with other chemicals you don’t want in your kids’ toys.

The following 5 kids’ toys are fun and safe to play with as well as being eco-friendly and cost-effective in a wide variety of budgets.

  1. Wooden Blocks from Haba.

    You’ll find a variety of wooden block toys, even though they aren’t as popular now as they were a decade or so ago.

    However, wooden blocks are making a comeback thanks to parents who want more natural toys for their children The FantasyLand wooden blocks by Haba are organic, made with lead-free paint, and are extremely high quality.

  2. Good Earth Mermaid.

    If your daughters (or sons) are fans of sea creatures like the magical mermaid, then the Good Earth Mermaid from miYim is perfect.

    This is a rag doll made from all-natural cotton with only low-impact dues and no toxins or chemicals. It is appropriate for kids of all ages.

  3. Rubber Bath Toys.

    Rubber bath toys are another type of toy making a comeback because of the quality materials. Bath toys made of natural rubber, like the Bathtub Ball, are appropriate for kids aged three and older.

    They’re fun to play with in the bath or pool, dishwasher-safe, and made from all-natural rubber materials.

  4. Wooden Teethers.

    Teething babies are often given plastic toys to help relieve the pain of cutting a tooth, but most of them are neither organic nor made of completely natural materials.

    Remember that plastics are hydrocarbon-based. However, wooden teethers like the Green Ring Teether are made of eco-friendly wood. It’s 100 percent compostable and safe for your baby.

  5. Treasure Hunt Game.

    The last eco-friendly toy on the list is a board game made of natural cotton instead of the cardboard materials in traditional board games.

    The Treasure Hunt Game is double-sided; it has the treasure hunt on one side and a checkers game on the other. The entire thing, including the game pieces, is made of natural cotton, except for the natural rubber treasure coins. You can use it for playing, learning shapes and objects, and teaching you kids how to match.

Being eco-friendly and teaching your kids the importance of caring for the environment doesn’t always have to be too expensive. Whether you’re a consultant for oil investment scams or a stay at home mom, you always have to be aware of your budget as well as your morals and ethics.

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