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Thank you for your interest in writing for The Green Frugal. We are a niche site, focusing on green, natural, and organic living while doing it all frugally. Our standards are high and content acceptance is selective; however, professional and serious writers should find the guidelines easy to follow. The guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Two Categories: Guest Writers and Contributing Writers

The difference between guest writers and contributing writers is that guests are not establishing a constant relationship with The Green Frugal. We realize that many authors just want to contribute the occasional article in order to integrate their links to draw traffic.

This is fine, however guest writers must comply with the guidelines as outlined in the bullet list below. Please read it carefully. Authors may include up to two (2) inline links to their sites. Affiliate links are not allowed. The Adsense code inclusion does not apply.

Guest author bios may be included. For an example, please see this bio example; you’ll see it towards the end of the article.

Contributing Writers

  1. All Contributing Writers must have an approved application and signed contract on file. Writer Applications are available on the Contact Us page and linked below. Writers must agree to and comply with the site's Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy, which can be found on the About Us page.
  2. Approved Contributing Writers must have their own approved Adsense or Chitika account in order to earn revenue from The Green Frugal. Anyone found engaging in click fraud, on their own account or on other’s accounts will be immediately terminated per the terms of the contract. All Contributing Writers are strictly forbidden from clicking on any advertisement within TGF’s pages.
  3. All Contributing Writers accepted to write on the site must submit a head shot photo and a bio for the writer’s profile page. We understand that many writers are reluctant to post a photo; however, we aim for a professional appearance and believe that professional writer profiles contribute to the overall site’s professionalism.
  4. Please check existing articles prior to submission. This helps to ensure we avoid duplicate topics and that the article will be a good match for the site. The site owners may occasionally assign article topics.
  5. Our Contributing Writers produce a minimum of one article per calendar month. Each article submitted for publication must have at least one relevant photo, slideshow, video or other supplemental media. All media submitted must be under the author’s copyright, in the public domain, or the author must have publication permission. When submitting, include the name of the media owner. Plagiarism and copyright violations are not tolerated. We allow writers to watermark their media to discourage scrapers.
  6. All articles must be unique, original, and never before published, either online or in print. The editors will check for compliance.
  7. Absolutely no "fluff" or articles already covered with only minor word changes, easily found elsewhere on the internet. Come up with a new angle. We are looking for fresh material.
  8. Article length should be 400 - 1000 words, unless otherwise approved. Each article must be able to stand on its own. In other words, no "Article Title, Part I" and "Article Title, Part II". Editorial staff may approve longer or shorter articles on a case-by-case basis only. The editorial staff may reformat articles.
  9. You may suggest up to two (2) internal or external relevant links. The editors reserve the right to put a bulleted list of “recommended articles” at the bottom of the article page, which may or may not include those recommended by the writer.
  10. All articles must be written in American English. This is not being xenophobic; rather, our demographics show that most traffic comes from the USA, so we lean towards that market while maintaining consistency.
  11. Include an article summary paragraph up to 150 characters as an overview of what you are going to present. This will serve as the summary shown in search engine results, TGF’s homepage and the Topic Pages. A strong first paragraph may substitute the need for an additional summary. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  12. Our writers collaborate directly with The Green Frugal staff editors to ensure all articles meet TGF’s standards and meet the needs of the readers. Final article and media contributions must be approved prior to submission and The Green Frugal staff reserves the right to edit, format, ask for corrections or reject writer submissions at any time.

Contributing Writer Application Form

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