The Latest Environmentally Friendly Household Gadgets

Look for the Energy Star® Label when Buying Appliances

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Side by Side Hotpoint Refrigerator The recent rise in the cost of energy and the global awareness of the intricate relationship between the energy and environment has necessitated product developers to come up with environmentally friendly products.

As the old adage goes, charity begins at home and thus in order for humanity to promote sustainable living we must evaluate and reorganize our household energy consumption trends.

Adopting the use of environmentally friendly household gadgets is a sure step in the right direction of environmental consciousness.

From a practical point of view different electrical household appliances have varying energy demands. Thus when making green choices when purchasing appliances it is recommended that you prioritize on products that have a bigger burden on the energy expenditure.

Prioritize Your Appliance Replacement

Recent studies carried out by U.S Energy Information Administration on the energy expenditure of individual appliances gave a detailed analysis of household energy consumption.

The research showed that refrigerators top the list (not surprising given that they are opened and closed so often), with 14% of the energy budget, second in place are clothes driers with 5.8%, and thirdly freezers with 3.5%.

From the above data it can be alluded that replacing an old fridge might have significant energy saving benefits than replacing all the other appliances combined.

Look for the Energy Star® Label; Get a Tax Credit

Energy efficient appliances are marked by the Energy Star® ratings to provide consumers with the relevant information on the energy efficiency and expected operating costs of the purchased appliances.

In order for an appliance to be certified with an energy star the product has to undergo vigorous energy efficiency verification tests. Hence, in spite of the high costs of purchasing energy efficient appliances, in the long run they are cheaper as the last longer and consume less energy.

In many cases, Energy Star appliances and even building materials such as entry doors, high-efficiency windows, or radiant barrier foil can qualify the homeowner for an energy tax credit.

More Penny-Pinching Appliances

One of the recent environmentally friendly household gadgets to hit the market is the eco showerheads. These easy-to-install showerheads are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

They save on money as they allow you to cut up to 50% of water usage without interfering with the quality of your shower. In addition, due to their water saving capacity they give the user an opportunity to protect the environment by saving on water.

Most of the top brands come with multiple settings that allow you to customize your shower experience depending on the mood you are in. The shower modes range from massage for tranquillity, rainfall for meditation, and sport for a quick shower moment.

Other latest environmentally friendly household gadgets include an eco-kettle that is designed to save water and energy. It usually uses an advanced water chamber that allows one to boil exactly the amount of water one wants to use.

This saves energy and water as an average person boils twice as much water he/she requires wasting energy in the long run. Another unique product in the market is the nature mill indoor composter.

It uses heat, moisture and airflow to decompose your food waste without causing any unnecessary odors. Although it requires electricity to carry out its functions it is important to note that it is very energy efficient with consumption rates of about 5 kWh per month.

Energy efficient appliances do not only save on energy and water but are also time saving and smaller in size than conventional appliances. It is without doubt that energy friendly appliances are the future, so why not embrace the future!

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