The Importance of Family, Friends, and Money in Life

Balance Your Life in These Tumultuous Times

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We keep hearing people saying that money is essential and so on. Yes, money can buy lots of material things and can bring happiness in life—but this can be a controversial point.

However, the secret to real happiness lays in friends and family. These are the people who see you through all the happy and sad moments.

There are three things involved; their relative importance depend on your particular situation and conditions. Let’s get into them separately.

The Importance of Family

At present, with the typical busy schedule and chaotic lifestyle it takes an effort to ensure bonding between the family members. The family acts as a backbone, where the members should give utmost priority to relationships.

The family unit embodies a self-identity with great courage. The early stage each individual starts from the basis of the family character. This is where you adopt your mannerisms, level of education, and many more characteristics.

Experienced memories with parents and siblings can be treasured and can impart the correct meaning of love and care. These family members act as integral parts of a consolidated enigma; the harder you try to be away from them, the closer they become.

The Importance of Friends

The best relationships in the world can be said to be friendships. Friends are the people who stay with us for all the tough times we endure as well as the good times.

They intuitively understand what we want and give us the needed joy and help. They act as pillars of strength by giving support and comfort. The always strive to maintain a balanced rapport.

Hangouts with true friends can reduce your stress level. Movies and parties can turn into unlimited fun. Many people equate a friend to a parent or a soul mate because of the trust, sharing, beliefs, and their acceptance of their faults.

They accept you unconditionally regardless of gender, religion affiliation, and financial or social status. They become a shoulder to cry when you are low.

When things are going wrong they will suggest ways to improve your situation in ways you might not have considered. So I would like to say that a friend is the best thing you can have and also a good thing to be yourself.

The Importance of Money

There’s a famous saying that “money is the barrier against all the possible evils”. However, there is another saying that “money is the root of all evil”.

What does this ambiguity tell us? That money is just the vehicle; the individual is the pilot; it can help or hurt, assist or hinder. Yes, it is intent and soul of a person that matters here.

However you look at it, without coin one cannot survive in this world. Just as the worth of currency is changing daily, so even the importance is also a variable to be considered; it’s always in flux.

But, can you be happy without even a penny to your name? I can assure you that 100% of the general population will answer no. For education, business, entertainment, food, shelter and what not, everything is dependent on cash.

Today the importance of money keeps mounting, especially during the Christmas season. Few say that if you have coins, rather than spending on luxuries try investing them for future use instead of borrowing or aiming for PPI claims.

Money is always a trap for all generations of people, but surveys tell us that old people fare better if they have done their planning well in advance of their twilight years.

So, one should not only know how to earn the big bucks but also the critical tactics of saving them. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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