Get Away From Paper vs. Plastic Bags: Invest In A Tote

A Cloth or Hemp Tote Bag Solves the Debate

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Some of us remember an important debate that raged for much of our childhoods. If you were old enough, you may have heard advertisements from both sides of the fence. First, you were informed that paper bags were bad for the environment.

You were encouraged to only buy plastic bags because they didn’t involve trees being cut down. And so your school told you to do your part and nag your parents endlessly about loading the family’s groceries into plastic bags.

Well, sooner than you could say “whip-lash”, it was plastic bags that were the enemy. They weren’t good for the environment, it turned out.

Even if they were recyclable, many plastic bags ended up rolling around on highways and potentially damaging cars. Or harming animals. And most plastic is petrochemical-based, which of course involves drilling for and processing hydrocarbons.

The debate seemed to rage on until a solution arose. A grown-up version of yourself may wonder why this wasn’t conventional wisdom all along.

Investing in a Fabric or Hemp Tote Means Stepping Outside The Plastic vs. Paper Debate

Cloth or hemp tote bags allow shoppers to store their groceries without contributing to the controversy surrounding paper and plastic bags. You don’t have to worry about harming the environment or contributing to waste.

Because these bags are so reusable (and many are washable) they allow you to do your part and cut down on unnecessary consumption of finite resources.

One caveat: Beware of tote bags made in China. In a radio news report not so long ago it was revealed that some of the inks they use contain lead, which of course you do not want coming in contact with your food.

Many Totes Aren’t Just for Shopping, They’re Also Fashionable

While you can buy fabric totes from various supermarkets, there is also an endless variety of fashionable shopping bags that you can invest in. If you buy a few, it’s possible you’ll have one to go with almost everything in your closet.

Totes are often fashionable accessories that aren’t just useful for shopping. They also allow you to make a personal statement about your own unique sense of style.

They Are Often Very Inexpensive

Totes often average a couple of bucks in price. Imagine storing items ranging from food products to 1996 mustang parts in numerous bags.

Because they are so affordable, you can buy more than enough to store and carry various products. And because they can be used again and again, you’ll earn what little you paid for them back hundreds of times over.

They’re Not Just Reusable, They’re Also Durable

There are few things in this world more annoying than a bag ripping on the way into the house and spilling your groceries all over the ground. Some items may be damaged as a result, and that’s not to mention the frustration you have trying and pick up and gather lost goods.

It can also be an embarrassing predicament. This often leads to “double bagging”, but that’s just consuming more resources as well as raising operating costs for the merchant, an additional cost that will be passed on to you, the consumer.

Totes are often much more sturdy and strong than either paper or plastic bags, and are capable of carrying heavier items with less stress on the bag or your arms.

Even though certain companies rely on the paper versus plastic bag debate, for your own peace of mind, it would be best to forgo participation altogether. Start buying cloth totes.

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