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Become a Customer Service Agent or Get Cash-Back Incentives for Items You Already Buy

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2012 has been a financially tough year for most of us so far. In addition to tightening our belts and cutting back on luxuries, an increasing amount of us are looking for new ways to earn a little additional income to supplement our monthly wage.

There are hundreds of creative ways to earn a bit of extra cash, but how many of these actually work? Stick with me and I’ll review three of the best:

Cash Back and Reward Sites

This relatively new phenomenon allows you to earn while you spend! Shopping online has always been the pocket and earth friendly option, presenting you with deals and offers you may not find on the high street, as well as reducing gas-guzzling trips to town in your car or on the bus.

To use a Reward site, you simply click through the company you plan to purchase from via a reward cash back site, and you get paid for doing so.

There are several reward sites offering this fantastic service, such as Rewardit Cashback. You have to become a member to take advantage, but once signed up, you simply log in and check if the company you plan to purchase from is listed with them.

If it is, click the link on the cash back site in order to be directed to that retailer. Once you have bought something, an amount is placed into your cash back account, which you can withdraw as soon as you have reached a specified target.

They work by using a system called “affiliate links” which allow the retailer to track where the business has come from. It’s the same technology used in comparison sites and online adverts.

The Upcycling or Repurposing Phenomenon

There is a growing craze sweeping the nation — it’s called “upcycling” or “repurposing” and is netting savvy sellers hundreds of dollars every month.

Upcycling is defined as: the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new products of a better quality. In layman’s terms it’s a sustainable way to bring back to life products that would have otherwise gone to waste or into landfill.

The process requires you to have a good sort-out and decide which pieces of furniture you can live without. You then either renovate the item yourself, using paint, varnish, stencils, or any number of other creative crafty techniques. For the uninitiated, there are numerous books, magazines and websites dedicated to showing you how to do this.

You will be amazed how different that tatty old mahogany wardrobe that has been sitting in the garage looks, when painted antique cream and adorned with fancy new handles. List the item as shabby “chic” or “vintage” and watch the dollars roll in!

The other option is to sell the item without having done anything. People will pay a premium for good quality furniture that they can apply their own creative skills to, and decorate to their own tastes.

Become a Home-Based Customer Service Agent

An increasing amount of companies are seeing the benefit of employing home-based customer service agents. When companies look to cut back on salaries the first department they look to outsource, (because they can), is the customer service area.

Some companies look for agents to specialize in sales, while others look for licensed insurance agents, or people able to speak another language.

Search for agencies recruiting for home-based or freelance customer service agents, or search for companies recruiting directly. The pay scale and criteria will vary across the market, so have a clear idea of what you are able to commit to before offering your services.

Whether you want to do this in your spare time, or begin a new full time career, there is sure to be something out there for you.

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