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Health and Wellness at the Green Frugal

May 24, 2011Posted by Admin


With all the hoopla generated by Obamacare and the questionable fate of Medicaid and Medicare, health and wellness is a topic that’s in everybody’s minds. Here at The Green Frugal we are on board with you. Follow along with us as we examine ways to stay healthy and off the sick list.

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Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome

January 25, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


A woman experiencing a migraine headache; photo courtesy Sasha Wolff A debilitating disease that might be transmitted by a virus.

Natural Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

January 24, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Acupuncture for the Relief of pain; photo courtesy Kyle Hunter Holistic medicine practitioners offer an alternative cure.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis

January 23, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


This painting is The Doctor; by artist Luke Fildes A medical evaluation performed by diagnosis of exclusion.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet

January 23, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Salsa vegetable ingredients; photo courtesy KSmith Media, LLC Eat a balanced diet along with dietary supplements and avoid some items.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Overview

January 21, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Typical fibromyalgia tender points; photo courtesy Sav vas Pain, fatigue, numbness and tingling, and cognitive dysfunction are symptoms.

How do Low-Carb Diets Work?

January 14, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Meat on the BBQ; photo courtesy Jell96 Weight loss by restricted carbohydrate intake based on the glycemic index.

Are Seasonal Allergies Giving You a Runny Nose all Year?

August 18, 2013Posted by Aimee Claire


The allergy pathway cycle; photo courtesy SariSabban Allergic rhinitis affects some 40 million people in the US alone.

Dental Implant Surgery

April 17, 2013Posted by


X-ray of a dental implant titanium post; image courtesy DRosenbach A permanent tooth replacement procedure; an alternative to bridges and partials.

Body Fat Percentage Guidelines for Males and Females

March 3, 2013Posted by


Zero Calorie Nutrition Label Weight charts are notoriously subjective and misleading.

Medicinal Herbs with Healing Powers

February 25, 2013Posted by


An organic rosemary plant; photo © Kelly Smith Holistic treatment of hypertension, cancer, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, and more.

3 Natural Toothpastes for the Eco-Friendly

February 11, 2013Posted by Lyndsi Decker


Environmentally-friendly toothpaste; photo courtesy Lyndsi Decker Making frugal toothpaste allows personalizing flavor.

How to Safely Use Herbal Supplements

February 4, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard


Herbal supplement capsules; photo courtesy Annette Hazard Botanicals can help with many conditions but are not regulated by the FDA.

Reduce the Effects of Winter and S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

January 6, 2013Posted by


Heavy winter snowfall; photo courtesy Matthew R Dunn Avoid wintertime depression with these health tips.

Is Your Mineral Intake Adequate?

January 2, 2013Posted by


Eggs and cheese for the South Beach Diet; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Eat an organic, balanced diet and supplement when needed.

The True Cost of Obamacare

December 29, 2012Posted by


Obama celebrates passage of Obamacare; photo courtesy US Gov. Rising medical insurance premiums, higher taxes, and rationed health care.

The 11 Most Common Places for Germs

December 19, 2012Posted by


Bacterial morphology diagram; photo courtesy Mariana Ruiz Bacteria dangerous to children may be lurking where you least expect it.

The 24 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

December 8, 2012Posted by


Croup steeple sign in an X Ray; photo courtesy Frank Gaillard Croup, respiratory syncytial virus, ear infection, pinkeye, and much, much more.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Eliminate Bedbugs

September 20, 2012Posted by Karen Barnes


Close-up of a bedbug; photo courtesy Liz Novack Blood-sucking parasites are making a comeback in hotels and homes.

Take the 90 Day P90X Challenge

September 4, 2012Posted by


The classic pushup strengthens the upper body; photo courtesy Frank C This fitness program will challenge even those who think they’re fit.

Buy the Right Mattress for Single Beds for Maximum Comfort

August 20, 2012Posted by Sachin


Mattress manufacturing process; photo courtesy USDA An important investment for your health and well-being.

All-Natural Exercise Supplements that Work

July 14, 2012Posted by Zachary James


Many fitness supplements are beneficial; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Creatine monohydrate, glutamine, chia seeds, and more.

Physical Activities and Sports Should be Encouraged in Growing Children

July 13, 2012Posted by Amiee Marshall


Sand volleyball serve; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Nintendo’s Wii Video Game Console Brings Physical Activity to Video Games.

Teaching Kids the Value of Hand Washing

July 5, 2012Posted by Niña Angeli Pilapil


Schoolchildren washing their hands; photo courtesy USDA Combat germs with soap and a gel hand sanitizer.

A Guide to Latex Mattresses

July 3, 2012Posted by Jessica Best


Latex production by milking a rubber tree; photo courtesy Jan-Pieter Nap Natural latex is low-VOC and eases low-back pain.

Inexpensive Methods Help You Stay Healthy & Fit

June 19, 2012Posted by Michelle Lee


Eggs and cheese for the South Beach Diet; photo courtesy Kelly Smith The South Beach Diet, eating healthy, and heading out to the gym.

Getting Cosmetic Surgery Done — is it Really Expensive?

June 19, 2012Posted by Michelle Lee


Doctors performing surgery.jpg; photo courtesy US Navy It can be, but avoid trying to save money at “discount” clinics.

Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Oral Hygiene Routine

June 17, 2012Posted by Richard Keane


Keeping your teeth clean and healthy; photo courtesy Wikipedia Green dentistry is beginning to gain traction in the medical community.

Remedies for Gum Disease that Work

June 14, 2012Posted by Michael Foster


Keeping your teeth clean and healthy; photo courtesy David Shankbone Maintain a healthy mouth with natural amendments, flossing, dental visits, and daily brushing.

How Peanut Allergy Affects Children

June 9, 2012Posted by


Peanut allergies are common; photo courtesy Dan4th Nicholas Anaphylaxis may result from consuming dairy products, nuts, shellfish, and food additives.

The Benefits of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

May 8, 2012Posted by Kyle Brent


Fire provides home heating; photo courtesy Fir0002 Residential heaters located outside decrease heating costs, increase efficiency, and lower the impact on the environment.

The Health Risks of Running in the Heat and Humidity

February 13, 2012Posted by


Running track can be fun Summertime offers a mixture of joy and pain to runners. Care must be taken, because heat and humidity can be life-threatening.

How to Lose Weight on the South Beach Diet

January 14, 2012Posted by


Eggs and cheese for the South Beach Diet; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Eating well for a New Year’s resolution, weight loss, and healthy lifestyle goals.

Healthy Red Blood Cells Need Vitamin B12

December 27, 2011Posted by


Vitamin supplements are vital for good health; photo courtesy Kelly Smith A deficiency can also cause loss of weight, nausea, constipation, and fatigue.

Reduce Stress Naturally with a Rose and Honey Milk Bath

December 03, 2011Posted by


Ingredients of rose, cinnamon, and orange; photo courtesy Brenna Stone Pamper your mind and your skin with essential oils.

3 Herbal Teas for Immune System Support

November 02, 2011Posted by


Oat straw for tea; photo courtesy Brenna Stone Try rose hips, oat straw, and echinacea to add vitamins and minerals to your diet and improve health.

Ten Ways to Control or Prevent High Blood Pressure

October 23, 2011Posted by


Anatomy of the human heart; photo courtesy Anatomy Tvanbr Hypertension can Lead to Cardiac Disease, Stroke, Diabetes but can be Controlled by Lifestyle and Medication.

Just What is Holistic Medicine?

August 31, 2011Posted by


Vitamin supplements are important for good health; photo courtesy Kelly Smith A Valid Alternative Medical Approach not Always Covered by Healthcare Insurance.

Controlling High Blood Pressure with the RESPeRATE Ultra

May 30, 2011Posted by


The RESPeRATE Ultra is a natural way to lower blood pressure; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Controlled breathing is an optional, natural way to lower hypertension without the side effects of prescription drugs. Medication is a great way to control high blood pressure, and thank goodness we have them, but most varieties bring problems of their own — side effects.

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