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Profile picture of Kelly Smith Kelly is the founder of The Green Frugal, one of the sites under the KSmith Media, LLC umbrella. He is a full-time freelance writer, photographer, and webmaster. In addition to running and, he’s was Topic Editor for the home renovation and repair topic at for five years before that site was re-structured and editor positions were eleminated.

Kelly has re-invented himself several times over the years. Following a four year stint in the US Air Force as a munition maintenance specialist, he spent fourteen years as a journeyman carpenter. During the latter part of that career, he attended night school at the University of Houston, finally earning a degree in computer science.

He spent seven years as a software engineer, first working at NASA, and later in the energy and transportation sectors. When the local economy took a downturn following the Enron and Dynegy fiascos, he returned to the trades, and finally to freelance work. You can contact Kelly at Editor.

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