Father’s Day Activity Ideas

Top Ideas for Pampering Dad on His Special Day

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Stumped for creative Father’s Day activities? Fear not; you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been brainstorming to find the best ideas because dads come in all size, shapes, and personalities. You’re bound to find something just right!

Nothing says Dad has to settle for the perennial necktie-and-funny-greeting-card routine. The more creative you can be the better and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. So have a look at our list and mix and match!

  • Why not take Dad out to a ball game? If he’s a baseball fan, this might just be the hit of the day.

  • Fire up the barbecue pit or the smoker and enjoy some burgers, chicken, steaks, or hot dogs. We don’ think it is a coincident that Father’s Day happens in the summertime.

  • Does he get all nostalgic about his old high school garage band? If he plays the guitar, buy him some new strings and picks and have him give the family an impromptu concert. Alternatively, treat him to some local live music.

  • Is he an avid fisherman? Take him the the lake or the bay and treat him to some bait or some new fly patterns. And remember, no pressure; there is a reason they call it fishing, not catching.

  • Take a trip to a museum. Generally, museums offer a lot of bang for the buck and the cool interior offer a welcome respite from the summer heat.

  • Drag out all his favorite DVDs and host a movie day. If he’s a Trekkie, chip in with the other family members and buy a season like Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One (Remastered Edition)

  • Host a picnic! Yes, this is another time-honored summer activity. While you are at it, work up an appetite by throwing the ball around.

  • Is he a runner? Find a local 5K or 10K race. This might take some foresight to get the cheap early entry fee.

  • Go out for ice cream. This is another summer-busting treat. To make it even more personable, cough up a few bucks and buy an ice cream maker. There is no limit to the flavors you can concoct.

  • Conspire with other family members and come up with a menu that contains all his favorite foods, whether it is hot wings, baked potatoes, lasagna, or (yuk) tripe pizza!

  • Is he a golfer? Why not treat him to 18 holes and either let him win or be his caddy-for-the-day and then go home an round out the theme by watching Caddyshack!

  • Do you have a local amusement park? Why not treat him to a few rides? And go ahead and win him one of those stuffed animals at the ring toss. You might be surprised at what a hit that will be!

  • Go bowling! This sport used to be an entertainment staple in the Great American Society. What could be more fun than gutterballs and wearing communal shoes?

  • Is he absolutely anal about his car? Some dads consider their rides extensions of their masculinity. Put together a kit of some buffer clothes, some fine wax, a new bucket, and a squirt bottle of Armor All®.

There you have it! Just think of these ideas as a jumping off point for your creativity. Remember, it’s not about the money; it’s about the involvement!

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