Controlling High Blood Pressure with the RESPeRATE Ultra

Naturally Lower Hypertension to Take Less Prescription Medication

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The RESPeRATE Ultra is a natural way to lower blood pressure; photo courtesy Kelly Smith


Controlled breathing is an optional, natural way to lower hypertension without the side effects of prescription drugs. Medication is a great way to control high blood pressure, and thank goodness we have them, but most varieties bring problems of their own — side effects.

Your doctor may have to put you on more than one type of meds to balance out the cure with the problems. And if you are taking medication for any other medical condition, the drug interactions get even more complicated.

Some problems are light-headedness, uncomfortable swollen ankles and hands, and pigment concentrations on the ankles, making it appear you went out of your way to just tan the lower section of your legs. So what can you do? Seek out natural ways to control hypertension.

Breath Easy with RESPeRATE Ultra

This is outwardly a simple device although there’s a lot going on under the hood. It consists of the unit, a sensor on a strap, and a pair of ear buds. The way it works is also simple.

It detects your natural breathing pattern and then guides you in reducing your breathes per minute. The effect is to soften your blood vessels.

It’s easy to use; put the strap around your abdomen, plug the ear buds in your ears, and turn it on. Once the process begins just close your eyes, relax, and go along for the ride.

By listening to and following relaxing breathe-in and breathe-out tones, you will gradually slow your breathing pattern. The process takes only 10 to 15 minutes and is extremely relaxing. Don’t try this while driving.

How slow will you go? It depends on the individual and tends to go lower the longer you use the unit on a regular basis. I've been using it for 6 months or so (4 or 5 times a week) and I’m down to about 4.5 breathes per minute. To get lasting effects you must use it regularly. At this point, at my last reading this morning, my hypertension is down to 112/74.

And that is with lowering my medications. Before I started using RESPeRATE, I was on 90 mg Procardia and 10 mg Lisinopril daily. I’m now completely off the Procardia and my blood pressure is lower than ever.

Is This Affordable Technology?

It depends on how deep your pockets are. The base price for a single user unit Ultra Deluxe bundle is $299.95 as of this writing and the Ultra is $249.95. There is also a model that keeps statistics for two people.

Will your medical insurance plan cover it? Probably not. But still, How much is not having a stroke worth? How much will your prescriptions cost you over time?

But hold on; there’s good news. I bought a factory reconditioned one for $199.95. Yes, the ear buds are brand new, so no worries there.

Other Non-Drug and Holistic Hypertension Strategies

There is no one magic bullet to lower your blood pressure without drugs, or a reduction of drugs, in most cases. Rather, there are a variety of small steps that will work well cumulatively.

Of course, most evidence is strictly anecdotal. Check with your doctor to make sure supplements play nice with your prescription meds.

Take them or leave them, this is not medical advice since I’m not qualified to give it. First, there are multi vitamins that have additional ingredients alleged to lower blood pressure. The one I take is Pressur-Lo. It contains things such as reservatrol, CoQ10, Hawthorn Berry extract, Juniper Berry fruit, Valerian root, and Cayenne fruit.

L-Arginine is said to “support blood flow” so it might indeed be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Certain types of tea are often recommended, specifically green tea and hibiscus tea. Cinnamon is reputed to help. Try any or all of these, but especially the RESPeRATE.

Disclaimer: These results and experiences are my own; logically, results will vary by individual.

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