Physical Activities and Sports Should be Encouraged in Growing Children

Nintendo’s Wii Video Game Console Brings Physical Activity to Video Games

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With changing lifestyle trends, various kinds of alterations have entered the lives of people, both adults and children. Gone are the days when children were used to having a fixed play time in the evenings for a few hours.

They used to indulge in various kinds of outdoor sports and activities. These sports and activities not only helped them to keep healthy and sound, it also helped in maintaining the overall growth and development of the child.

Physicians and health experts have also opined that various kinds of sports activities and physical exercise are very important in children who are in their growing years. But, today most children are glued to video games and have very little physical exercise.

Video and Computer Games and Their Effects on Growing Children

Anything that is done for more than a specific limit has adverse effects. Today children are very fond of video and computer games that are played sitting at home. Children are known to sit for hours and play these games continuously.

Kids playing video games; photo courtesy Amiee Marshall Playing games for short spans is fine, but when it reaches the point that it replaces outdoor sports and other kinds of physical activities, it is not advantageous and should be avoided.

Various kinds of physical problems can develop in children who do not have a variety of physical activity in their growing years, especially when they are overwhelmingly attracted to video games.

Some of the most common symptoms can include poor digestion, pains and aches in various joints in the body, weak and brittle bones, obesity, and many other health-related problems.

All is not lost, though. Although the numbers of children whose lives revolve around playing video games at home are increasing rapidly, there are still many children who love to play various kinds of outdoor games and indulge in various kinds of physical activities.

These activities help in making the children stronger and ensure their overall growth and development in the best way possible. Their bodies are stronger than many other kids, and their immune systems are stronger as well.

Bone and muscle growth and development is also more noticeable in these more active children. The conclusion is that kids who play outdoor games and indulge in physical activities are stronger than their video-bound friends.

Some Video Games that Provide Physical Exercise

Microsoft's Xbox 360; photo courtesy JohnAStele This problem has spread worldwide and doctors and health experts are worried about the consequences. Therefore, new kinds of video games are now designed in which the person playing the game has to indulge in some kinds of physical activities.

Nintendo’s Wii video game console is a prime example with its hundreds of games to choose from. Not surprisingly, Microsoft has entered the market with its Kinect for XBOX 360.

The ambience of real life games will be created and the players have to participate accordingly. Therefore it is quite obvious that some kinds of physical exercises will be required by the players for this.

However, the attempts to make children play outdoor games should still be there as there is nothing better than that for the physical growth and developments of children in the growing ages.

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