Getting Cosmetic Surgery Done — is it Really Expensive?

It Can be But Avoid Trying to Save Money at “Discount” Clinics

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Cosmetic surgery can completely change the way a person feels about their body. Gone are the days when a person feels bad about their excess fat accumulation in their back or around their thighs. Similarly, women after pregnancy tend to get back quickly into shape, thanks to the plastic surgery.

Though the cosmetic treatments have been rising in popularity, there are a certain amount of people who think that they could save a lot of money by getting a cosmetic treatment done in countries like Malaysia and Thailand or in some country on the South American continent.

If you are one of these individuals and considering getting cosmetic treatment done in this manner, then you need to have a look at this you tube video.

Here, one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Australia, Dr. Joseph Ajaka talks about the perils of undergoing cosmetic surgery outside of Australia that include undergoing another round of corrective cosmetic surgery.

Before the cosmetic surgeon talks about the ill effects, the video gives statistical details related to the survey conducted among the Australian Society of plastic surgeons.

Medically Trying to Cut Corners can Have Disastrous Results

Seven in ten cosmetic surgeons feel that the corrective surgery would not yield the desired result. This means that majority of the cases require a correction which sometimes can not be done due to severe damage.

Six out of the ten cosmetic surgeons surveyed have told that the corrective procedures have permanently disfigured the patient. This means that only 10% of the cases that go for corrective surgery come out with the required results.

Every five out of ten surgeons surveyed confirmed a shocking finding saying that if the corrective surgery was not performed, people might have lost their lives or might have permanently lost one of their cherished body parts.

Cosmetic Surgery Within Your Country of Residence — a Much Better Option

Medical insurance doesn’t cover plastic surgery in most cases since it is considered an elective procedure. Some exceptions may be made with some reconstructive plastic surgery that is performed to correct functional impairments resulting from things like burns or traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures and breaks.

Congenital abnormalities, such as cleft palates or cleft lips, may also be considered. But when you go to another country for getting cosmetic treatment, you spend more on flight costs and accommodation in the other country (even if you’re combining vacation with a nip and a tuck).

So, when one adds up all the cost, it would exceed the amount one would have spent in your country for undergoing a cosmetic treatment. It’s just common sense.

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