Reduce Stress Naturally with a Rose and Honey Milk Bath

Pamper Your Mind and Your Skin with Essential Oils

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Ingredients of rose, cinnamon, and orange; photo courtesy Brenna Stone Most people do not have the time, or the right setting, to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. For many it is a world of traffic jams, deadlines and checking the time on a computer screen or mobile phone.

The pressure of a fast-paced lifestyle inevitably leads to some level of stress, which can contribute to anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

Even in the modern, often hectic world there are ways to step outside of this reality, if only for a moment, to “stop and smell the roses”. Knowing how to relax and take a moment of peace is so important for mental well-being, as well as for physical health.

The less stress that the body has to deal with, the more it is able to cope and thrive. Ease tension, reduce stress naturally, and reconnect with a calmer self by finishing your day with a rose and honey milk bath.

Aromatherapy Plus Milk and Honey

Essential oils such as rose provide a small but highly concentrated dose of nature. They also have therapeutic benefits via the volatile oils which relax both body and mind. Rose essential oil is a mild sedative and an antidepressant.

It is also great for the skin with antiseptic and astringent properties. Combine with the skin softening and nourishing properties of milk and honey and you have an incredible bathing experience to reduce stress and unwind.

Rose, Milk and Honey Bath Recipe

Have a relaxing bath; photo courtesy Kraemarie If you want to reduce stress and tension you do not need to go on an expensive spa retreat. Try this recipe for a milk and honey bath with rose essential oil. Make a relaxing, therapeutic soak a weekly treat, something to look forward to.

While filling your bath with hot water, boil one cup of water. Add one-third cup of honey to the water and stir well.

Add eight drops of rose essential oil. Add the honey and rose infusion and one cup of milk powder to bath water right before getting in. Turn down the lights, put on some soothing music and climb into the tub. Soak for twenty minutes while making sure to not worry about any everyday problems.

If you want, mix rose essential oil with sandalwood or lavender, both of which are incredibly calming and blend very well with rose. Add one cup of Epsom salts for a more detoxifying bath. While aromatherapy oils are safe for general use, avoid rose essential oil during pregnancy. Avoid Epsom salts if you have high blood pressure.


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