Eating the Right Food Will Change Your Life

Cut the Junk Food from Your Diet and Eat Organic for Improved Health

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Big and small eateries dot the landscape all across America. There are expensive restaurants and cheap diners, fast food joints that will give you piping hot food before you can count ten, and restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine like Mexican, Cajun, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Continental, Kosher, and whatever.

It is indeed a rich and varied fare that eateries offer, and they tempt people to dine out frequently. And office-goers and travelers are frequently forced to rely on restaurant food because taking along food is not always a convenient option.

The Obesity Epidemic

But with all these conveniences, America is not a nation of the healthy. When you look at the number of obese people in the country, it appears that the problem is catching on as a minor epidemic.

And there are plenty of other health problems also, plaguing the young and the old alike. What is causing all these problems? Is it the result of eating fast foods?

Is it the result of a hectic life style? Is it the result of increasing atmospheric pollution? Or is it the result of a faulty food intake that causes nutritional imbalance? Plenty of advices are offered on what you should eat and what you should not.

Is There an Information Overload?

There are health magazines that provide dietary charts on the amount of fat and sugar advisable for people of different ages. There are low calorie recipes and weight loss formulas guaranteed to produce magical results.

In fact, the USDA seems to be on a constant quest to revise the traditional food pyramid.

While some of these guidelines can be useful, a cardinal rule that you should follow is to eat those things that will provide you with sufficient quantities of necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. And these are always available in lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Because of our present day fast-paced life style, we may have to often rely on fast food. We may often make resolutions to keep off rich fatty food or sugary food, but these are, like new year resolutions, often forgotten within a week.

Every time you become conscious that you have slipped back into eating junk food or fatty food, make a genuine effort to follow the rules of your resolution.

Eating Organic is a Big Part of the Solution

An Owari Satsuma Mandarin orange tree; photo © Kelly Smith Eating poorly is a weakness that many people will find difficult to jettison. So, you will have to make a concerted effort to keep off the tempting but rich and harmful food. Read more about organic foods versus harmful foods at Harvest Nutrition’s blog.

One way to ensure you know what you are getting is to grow your own food and stick to an organic gardening program. For example, check out the Owari Satsuma Mandarin orange tree in the photo above.

Eating not-so-rich and not-so-tasty food will be a difficult regimen to follow. But your first reward will come when you perceive changes in your body. You will feel a lightness, and there will be an increased energy and clarity.

Smooth skin, healthy hair, shining nails, and ability to sleep well are some of the other rewards a good diet will give. When you become conscious of these changes, you will no longer dislike the new diet.

You will no longer feel disappointed that you have made chips and chocolate cake off-limits to you. You will love sticking to your new health diet because you are aware that it has paid rich dividends.

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