Health Benefits of Green Tea

It can Lower Blood Pressure, Increase Metabolism, and Provide Antioxidants

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There is a lot of hype around green tea, but why? To start with, with all the benefits that come from green tea, there are no negative side effects. Some drinks are appealing for their limited benefits, but come at the price of high calories, sugar, and are highly processed.

However, green tea has something to offer to everyone, is less processed, and makes your body more efficient.

Advantages For Everyone

Whether you have a high stress job, or prefer a quiet, meditative lifestyle, green tea is the perfect companion for any mind. Not only do the properties within green tea allow you to be more alert, but also more focused.

It also helps to relieve stress and it lowers blood pressure. In a high paced world, its elements allows the mind to be more clear.

Less Processed

Green tea is less processed than other common varieties such as black, red, and white tea, which causes it to be more concentrated. Since less is taken out during the processing, you get more of the natural elements that aid your body in the areas of metabolic rate and vitality.

There are many types of, but one brand is especially beneficial. Matcha green tea is a higher quality tea that is carefully handled throughout the entire process and finely milled.

Used traditionally for the Japanese tea ceremony, this specific type of green tea has gained popularity as it contains the same level of antioxidants as spinach.

Unlike coffee, the high caffeine content of Matcha is evenly released, allowing long and sustained energy, without the fluctuating highs and then lows of other caffeine products.

Although there are some supplements that market themselves as using green tea extracts in their products, the best way to access the health benefits of green tea is to drink it, for the product you are ingesting is in a less processed state.

A Drink that Makes Your Body More Efficient

The antioxidants found in green tea counter the free radicals found in the body that damage DNA, which in turn gives it the potential to prevent cancer.

Green tea antioxidants also affect the blood vessels by allowing them to become more supple and aids in the prevention of blood clots. This quality can also help to lower high blood pressure, or hypertension.

Specifically, Green Tea is High in Flavonoids

The USDA has compiled data about the flavonoid levels in different foods.

The USDA states, "Some epidemiological studies, clinical trials and animal studies have shown association between tea drinking and reduced risk of chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases and some cancers."

As a comparison, dried black tea leaves have 371.27 flavonols, which drops to 3.6 after brewing. Dry green tea starts out at 515.70 but still retains 112.11 after brewing! The difference is from less fermentation after harvesting.

There are even more supposed benefits of drinking this beverage which currently lack research to support them, but there is no arguing that green tea can benefit multiple areas of your life.

You can develop a preference for most drinks, so why not start drinking one that offers so much support for your mind and body?

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