The 24 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever, Reye’s Syndrome, and MRSA/Staph Infection

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Scarlet fever; photo courtesy Kronawitter


Disclaimer: The author is not a doctor. This article is informational material only and does not constitute medical advice. Contact your physician for all medical conditions.

Strep Throat

All children experience sore throats every so often, typically because of a cold virus. But is it caused by the strep bacteria? How can you tell? Only a swabbing and a lab report can tell for sure.

But we can say that sneezing or a runny nose indicate a cold. Indications of a strep infection manifest with a sore throat lasting more than seven days and painful or difficult swallowing

Other signs are excessive drooling, a rash, pus in the rear of the throat, fever elevated higher than 100.4 degrees, and of course contact with someone infected with strep throat. Strep throat may be cured using antibiotics.

Scarlet Fever

On occasion a rough, red rash occurs at the same time as strep throat. This indicates a case of scarlet fever. A rash starts on the chest as well as the abdomen. It then spreads all over the body.

This will be accompanied by a strawberry-colored tongue as well as a high fever. If the child goes without treatment, the condition may result in rheumatic fever, and in some cases, heart damage.

And that is why scarlet fever was at one time a dreaded childhood illness; often resulting in horrible consequences. Luckily, today it is easily treated using antibiotics.

Reye’s Syndrome

Today it is common knowledge that you should never administer aspirin to children or teenagers. That wasn’t always the case. Why not? Reye’s syndrome is the reason.

This is a life-threatening situation and may affect children who take medications containing aspirin while they are suffering with a viral illness. Symptoms may be dramatic behavior changes, seizures, and coma.

Reye’s syndrome has become very rare since the CDC warned against giving aspirin to children. Still, it is not always common knowledge among new parents. Please advise your friends.

MRSA/Staph Infection

MRSA is a strain of staph bacteria that simply won’t be responsive to some classes of antibiotics. Many doctors now indicate their belief that MRSA is now the leading reason for skin infections.

MRSA infections typically manifest in the form of sores or boils. In fact, they can resemble a spider bite. MRSA infections of the ear, nose, and throat are also increasing in elementary school children.

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